Privacy Policy

This page describes the privacy policy for the website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) of PUBLIC ORGANIZATION "UA.PROTEKT" (hereinafter referred to as PO "UA.PROTEKT"). This document explains what types of information may be collected and stored on the Site, as well as how this information may be used and provided.

1. Collection and use of personal data

1.1. Personal data means information or a set of information about a person who is identified or can be identified.
1.2. A person who intends to use the Site must provide personal data for registration on the Site.
1.3. After registration on the Site, a person gets access to the Site (as well as its events) and from this moment it is considered that his consent to the processing of his personal and contact data by the PO "UA.PROTEKT" was given. PO "UA.PROTEKT" can store information about the connection, traffic, date and time of the duration of the visitor's work on the Site.
1.4. Personal data of visitors is used to ensure the exchange of information, relations in the field of public activities, advertising and communication in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data", "On Information", "On Advertising", "On Electronic Communications", "On entrepreneurship", "On information protection in information and telecommunication systems", regulatory document of Systems of Technical Information Protection 2.5-010-03 "Requirements for protection of WEB-page information against unauthorized access" and others.
1.5. Personal data can be stored for 3 years.
1.6. The Site records the domain name or IP address of the visitor's computer, access date, files (file name and URL), HTTP response code and the website from which the person accessed the Site, the number of bytes transferred during session.
1.7. Cookies are used during the operation of the Site, which ensure the support of security functions and their launch. Cookies also allow tracking of violations of the privacy policy and terms of use of the Site by visitors/their devices.
1.8. Using the Google Analytics system, statistics about visits to the Site are collected, such as: pages visited; number of page views; information that has been uploaded; domains of internet providers and the visitor's country of origin; etc. None of these actions are related to a visitor personally and are measured only in aggregate.

2. Automatic collection and use of information

2.1. The following information is automatically collected and stored:
– domain name, IP address;
– type of browser and operating system;
– date and time of visiting the Site;
– full name of the visitor;
– personal phone number;
– Email;
– area of residence.
2.2. Information about traffic that passes through the network by e-mail, and the activity of the visitor on the Internet on the Site is protected in accordance with the law.
2.3. ЗO "UA.PROTEKT" has the right to provide any personal information of visitors who have been authorized on the Site, exclusively only at the request of law enforcement agencies, at the discretion/decision of the court or within the framework of other legal procedures, or at the other legitimate request in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
2.4. All rights to the content of the Site belong to the PO "UA.PROTEKT". This site as a whole and its individual elements are protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights", other acts of the current legislation of Ukraine and international treaties.
2.5. Persons using the Site should not distribute, change, transfer, use or reuse any information from the Site for any public or commercial purpose without the written permission of the PO "UA.PROTEKT". Users of the Site must respect all copyrights, and the copied information must be indicated on other sites only with an active hyperlink to the Site.
2.6. Information from the Site may be copied for non-commercial purposes for placement on the personal pages of persons using the Site, in blogs, and social networks.
2.7. When working with the Site, the user of the Site is not granted intellectual property rights either to the Site itself, to its content, or to the use of any branding elements or logos of the Site.
2.8. By using this Site, you automatically agree to this PRIVACY POLICY and its terms. If you do not agree with this PRIVACY POLICY and its terms, you should leave this Site and do not register.

3. Protection of personal data

3.1. PO "UA.PROTEKT" takes the necessary and sufficient legal, organizational and technical measures to protect the information provided to users of the Site from illegal or accidental access, destruction, distortion, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions with it of third parties. However, despite all efforts, the PO "UA.PROTEKT" cannot guarantee absolute protection against any threats arising outside the regulation of the PO "UA.PROTEKT".

4. Changing the PRIVACY POLICY

4.1. The user of the Site accepts the terms of this PRIVACY POLICY, takes into account and agrees that this PRIVACY POLICY may change from time to time. Changes made to the PRIVACY POLICY are published on the relevant page of the Site.
4.2. In some cases, PO "UA.PROTEKT" reserves the right to publish separate privacy notices for certain programs.